Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development


Do you have a business, but doesn’t have a website? If yes, you need a website. There are no more businesses that can sustain without having a website. Unless you don’t want to grow your brand, you must have a well designed and developed website for your business. With the help of a website, you can increase your reach to your audience exponentially.

iMO Bazar provides best in class service of website development, maintenance & fixing a website at an affordable price. We have experience of building website across different industries.

Still not convinced why you need to have a website? Then please read on
Trend of modern business

Current generation customer is expecting a way to buy-sell products right from the comfort of home. If your business is not offering that option to customers, then you are failing at the first step of doing business. From Amazon to Netflix, Google to Facebook, all the big companies foundation is built on the ideology of using their service not moving from their couch. Even the Wal-mart like companies are betting big on online market. The behaviour of the customer is changing for services like this. BTW, why would someone pick a pizza from the store when the same can be delivered to them by ordering online?

It provides customers review of a business
When was the last time you were a little confused before buying a product and you didn’t look at review? As per a survey, 90% of customers look at the review of the product before deciding of buying. Reviews in Amazon & in local business listing majorly help customers to decide the product or service quality prior to buying.

Reach to mass audience
If your offline business can reach out to the people in your locality, then Online business can help you reach to potential more customers for less money than operating in brick and mortar business.

Most of your competitors have a website:
If you are in business, then probably most of your competitor has a website. Because of the current trend of researching about the product before buying, customer buy from the store who has a website and has detail about the product.