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The first thing to do when you boost your business online is to start a website. But having a website doesn’t guarantee to bring the audience to your business. You may think of buying ads in Google, but that option is too costly. This is where SEO(Search Engine Option) comes handy. SEO is boosting your website ranking in the search engines, buying no ads. That’s what SEO is. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody desires to be on the front page of search engines. Because it’s like advertising for free on Google. That’s the reason you should always try to rank high on Google.

Best SEO & Digital Marketing Strategy To Rank on Google

Everybody knows the importance of being on the first page of Google. It’s like hitting a jackpot in bringing quality audience to your business. As per survey, the businesses on the front page of Google get exponentially more customers than those being on other pages. Personally, I would rarely visit the 2nd or later pages on Google. Some business brag about having the best web design or the content of the website. But if the business is not ranking high on Google, it will not garner the audience to the website. It’s like a having a physical store, but the customer is not visiting the store. Without the audience, the business will not sustain. Difference between Organic results & Paid results: There are 2 types of ad appearance on Google. The top search results with a little symbol “Ad” are the Paid search and the below all ads are the Organic ads. Paid ads are the one which got the top ranks for cost involved per each click on it. These are the less preferable ads by audiences. Below paid results, Organic results appear. These are the ads ranked high on Google because of the high domain value of the websites. These are the most preferred by audiences. But it requires both time and effort to make a website rank high on Google in Organic way. But it is all worth the effort. Some Webmasters prefer Google AdWords to make their customer rank high in paid results, but it is a short term investment. Whereas, Organic results are the long-term investment.